September 2022 Keyboard giveaway - Finally completed

Thank you to everyone who had a great attitude and supported us thru this challenging experience

With the exception of the winning participants, all emails have been destroyed

Emails are going out to the winners today/tomorrow (Friday November 25, and Saturday November 26)

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We are sad to say that our website and professional image are pathetic, but our priority has been on quality of products and customer service ("Function Before Form")

Good news is that Yes, we are actively working on improving our professional image (new web site design has been committed to, in negotiations with a couple of webdev teams for implementation)

Authorized Vendors

North America International

LiliGecko.com (USA) Daily Clack (Australia)

Kirballskeys.com (USA) CustomKBD.com (Australia)

RGBKB.net (USA) Splitkb.com (Netherlands)

Ringerkeys.com (USA) EloquentClicks.com (Spain)

Stupidbulletstech.com (USA) Keygem.store (Germany)

MKZealots (Aliexpress)

Rndkbd.com (Canada) MKZealots.com (Global)

Rheset.mx (Mexico) GKESports (Taobao)

PantheonKeys.com (Singapore)

ZionStudios.ph (Philippines)

Mechanicalkeyboards.co.id (Indonesia)

SWAGkeys.com (South Korea)

Monstargears (South Korea)

Shibaymech (Vietnam)

Yushakobo.jp (Japan)

Direct / Contact info (USA/Pacific Timezone)

u/hbheroinbob - Reddit

gazzew#0360 - Discord

Gazzew - Twitter

Independent builders/modders

- alybuilds#1619 - Discord

- Kirball#5761 - Discord

Sample packs available



  • This is in lieu of a "park page", while a professional version is being made

  • HeroinBob was a character who didn't do drugs, from 90's cult classic "SLC Punk"

Artwork by Parker Ku